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Galactica main page.

Noticias - News, only in Portuguese.

A Série - Information about Battlestar Galactica series.

Imagens - Pictures and captures from the DVD version.

Sons - Sounds and music (Real, Wav, Mp3, Midi, Mod). You can find some original music (GalacticaMix 1, 2, 3 and 4). The "Battlestar Galactica - Atention 2" music was made by DJ Redbass (Finland) by my request.Very Good!

Links - Links...

Regresso - Portuguese revival page. Contact information. Help us ! Write a letter requesting a new Battlestar Galactica television series and/or movie.

Naves - Spaceships

Star Trek Page

Principal - Star Trek main page. Links and more...

Datas - Star Trek along the Years. (Chronology)

Personagens - Characters page.

Episódios - Episode list. (TOS, TNG, DS9. VOY)

Aniversários - Birthday List (actors)

As Series - The series. General information about the different series.

Os Filmes - The Movies. Movie covers and description.

Imagens - Pictures from the series and movies.

Sons - Sounds and music from Star Trek and my StarTrekMix !

Naves - Spaceships. The USS Enterprise.

Space 1999 page

Personagens - Characters

Episódios - Episode list (1st and 2nd seasons)

Sons e Imagens - Sounds and Pictures

Serie - General information about the series.

Nexus Rally pages

Nexus Rally - Main Page. This comic story was made by a friend (Pedro) with W95 Paint only!
The Story is based in actual facts (people, cars, etc) and in Science fiction (Star Trek, Galactica...).
Iniciar o Nexus Rally - Start the Nexus Rally.

Citizens Band Pages

CB- Banda do Cidadão - Citizens Band page. General information about CB in Portuguese.

Lista das Divisões - Division List. Click Here to download (Zip).

QSL's - Click Here to see the two first QSL's I made.

You can send me a message by ICQ

Links (Examples)

Regressar á Página Principal or Delta Fox Home Page - Return to main Page.(Home)

Página Principal - Galactica - Return to main page of Battlestar Galactica.

Pagina Principal - Star Trek - Return to main page of Star Trek


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